Top quality solvent blends especially suited to the dilution of various adhesive where required. General cleaning of brushes, tools, work surfaces, and applying equipment. Full GHS compliant labelling.

Thinners & Cleaners


Main Component



Lacquer Thinners Solvent Cleaning Thinners Lacquer Paint Thinners/Cleaning Solvent
Mineral Turpentine Solvent Cleaning Thinners Paint and Varnish Thinners/Cleaning Solvent/Slow Evaporation
Paraffin Solvent Multi-Purpose Cleaner Workshop Cleaning Station/Parts Washer
Acetone Solvent Rubber Cleaner Dilution of Adhesive/Cleaning of Material
Benzene Solvent Cleaning Benzine Cleaning Operations
M.E.K. Solvent PVC Cleaner Strong Degreaser/Cleaner
Cleaning Thinners Solvent Blend Dilute Neoprene Cleaning of Equipment & Machinery
Methylene Chloride Counter Solvent Non-flammable Cleaner Non-Flammable Solvent used for Purging and Cleaning