The architectural industry requires bonding of a wide variety of substrates and Royal offers adhesives to bond rubber, foam, fabrics, metal, wood, leather and most porous materials. In addition, Royal supplies a cold stick Polyurethane specifically developed for various construction installations.

The modern flooring industry is dominated by stuck down applications with specific adhesives to ensure simple and trouble-free installations. Royal’s water-based acrylic emulsion and contact and non-flam contact adhesives are available to suit all architectural requirements.




Main Component



Cornice Acrylic Sealant Gap Filling Adhesive Paintable/Flexible/Non-crack/Versatile
CBA 109 Polychloroprene Rubber General Purpose Contact General Purpose Brush Grade/High Initial Grab
RBA 727 Nitrile Clear Household/Clear Contact Excellent Cable/Security Wiring Bonding to Plaster/PVC Inflatable/Toy/Pool repair
RBA 750 (S) Synthetic Rubber Based Foam to Foam Sprayable Foam Adhesive/EPS Safe/High Tack
Wood Glue Ultimate Poly Vinyl Acetate Water-Resistant Stronger than Wood/Spreads Easily
UBA 801 Urethane 2-k Urethane Laminating Various Foils to Expanded Foam for Cold Rooms and Refrigerated Trailers
Flooring Adhesive Acrylic High Grab/Strong Bonds Suitable for all Standard Carpet Backings