Here at Royal Adhesive Industries, we like to offer our Clients as much flexibility as possible. In line with this mindset we are therefore able to offer the “Private” or “Own Label” Option as we have direct access to speciality design facilities within our infrastructure. One of the many advantages you can enjoy with the Private Label Option is the power of own brand building, thus enhancing brand awareness with on-shelf displays and repeat purchase improvements.

Global shift patterns are showing customers becoming less reliant on manufacturers brands and more dependent on the store itself. Retailers with their own branding allow themselves insight and control over development, warehousing, merchandising and marketing. “By offering complete exclusivity through establishing a well-priced, trustworthy private label image, the retailer will undoubtedly draw in new customers and build customer loyalty. The consumer will become more reliant on the store itself because of its exclusive offerings” therefore Private Label Option may very well be the key to staying ahead of the competition in an ever-changing market.

We can assist with label design in accordance to the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification & Labelling of Chemicals to communicate health and environmental hazards in a standard way.) as well as information on application instructions making the products easy to understand and apply to achieve the best possible result. The Client is also able to promote via Company Logos and Colour choices which then gives the client more control over pricing, marketing, sales and distribution, resulting in better profit margins per sale.



ROYAL ADHESIVE INDUSTRIES specialises in the quality of manufacture and supply of adhesives and allied products.

To ensure the ongoing delivery of quality and service excellence to our customers, we will:

  • Consider the context of our organisation is aligning to the Quality Management System ISO
    9001:2015 and the strategic direction of the company;
  • Continually improve our products, anticipate and meet our customer requirements always
    ensuring the organization remains in line with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Ensure the organizations objectives and policies are communicated, understood and applied
    within the organization through its employees and are available to relevant or appropriate
    interested parties;
  • Equip employees with the necessary skills to provide value to our customers, and promote
    awareness of customer requirements through inter department relations;
  • Obtain a total commitment to the implementation and maintenance of the quality policy from
    management and staff and in so doing create a quality awareness culture in the company;
  • Enhance our reputation with our customers by only accepting orders we can meet, and not
    exceed our capacity or capability thereby enabling the organization to deliver intended outputs;
  • React to problems promptly and systematically whilst fostering a team approach to problem
    solving. This approach has also been used to address risks and opportunities for improvement,
    giving assurance to customers that the organization shows continuous results in line with this;
  • Ensure the integrity of the Quality Management System at all times.


Royal conforms to international quality standards with regard to raw materials sourcing, production management and control of processes.

Audits by SGS for ISO 9001 certification bolster our position as a reputable supplier. Our high quality is consistently assured through production and process control that meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

We pride ourselves that we have been an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer since 1998.

View our ISO 9001 certificate here


As part of our service, we offer decades of adhesive experience and knowledge which we hope to share with you in support of your bonding needs. We like to give our clients our full attention to understand and discuss various options for their processes. Royal’s service representatives are fully trained to answer most questions and concerns that you may have, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients the best possible solutions.

Our technical services offer you, bond evaluations, tensile testing, on site process evaluations, inspections and we have a team approach to troubleshooting. We also analyse substrate materials to ascertain the need for pre-bond preparations and or primers as well as assisting with the educating of your operators to ensure the correct procedural aspects of the application are carried out to achieve optimum adhesive performance.

With the African continent experiencing positive fundamental change, economic growth has gained momentum and many countries across the length and breadth of Sub Saharan Africa are now counted amongst the fastest growing economies in the world.

South Africa is a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), and enjoys existing regional free trade arrangements and various bilateral agreements. The EU signed an Economic Partnership Agreement in 2016 with the SADC group comprising Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa and Swaziland, with Angola having the option to join in the future. This Trade agreement gives South African products preferential market access and improved market opportunities.

“The DTI believes export-led economic activity will facilitate opportunities for collaboration between large and small businesses, unlock entrepreneurial opportunities for emerging businesses and create export-oriented employment. – Creamer Media’s engineering news Sept 2017.”

South Africa is situated on one of the busiest international sea routes with Durban fast becoming the busiest and largest container terminal and port in the Southern Hemisphere. Accompanied with well-developed road and rail networks, South Africa’s export infrastructure is the largest on the African continent. Having this infrastructure on Royal’s doorstep allows us quick and efficient access to further grow our export footprint, particularly into the vibrant African continent. Opportunities for distribution within Africa are continuously being sought and negotiated to assist the excellent customer service that Royal is renowned for.



We at Royal, are interested in offering distributorship to the most qualified companies/persons with the aim of establishing long-term mutually beneficial business relationships.

Please note that all information in this application will be treated as confidential however we reserve the right to make enquiries regarding the status of any applicant. This form does not comprise an offer of distribution and is merely an application for distribution rights, further development will be communicated to you in due course. By submitting this form you hereby agree to the above.

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