We know you have a world full of choices and we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present to you who we are. Our vision is to create customers and develop employees who view Royal Adhesive Industries as the most sustainable company in the business, across all markets. We pride ourselves in our processes and our reputation for quality. Our exceptional team are motivated, dedicated, and committed. We aim to provide the user of our products convenience and success, and we enjoy making sticky solutions that work.

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Private Label Option

Here at Royal Adhesive Industries, we like to offer our Clients as much flexibility as possible. In line with this mindset we are therefore able to offer the “Private” or “Own Label” Option as we have direct access to speciality design facilities within our infrastructure. One of the many advantages you can enjoy with the Private Label Option is the power of own brand building, thus enhancing brand awareness with on-shelf displays and repeat purchase improvements.

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Benefits to Rest of Africa

With the African continent experiencing positive fundamental change, economic growth has gained momentum and many countries across the length and breadth of Sub Saharan Africa are now counted amongst the fastest growing economies in the world. Opportunities for distribution within Africa are continuously being sought and negotiated to assist the excellent customer service that Royal is renowned for.

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Our liquid Hand Sanitiser is a 75% ethanol alcohol-based hand rub that will rapidly and effectively deactivate microorganisms, killing up to 99,99% of bacterial, fungicidal and yeasticidal growth. It is fast drying and with just a few sprays of Royal Hand Sanitiser offers an effective bacteria-free skin without causing dryness. Our Hand Sanitiser is certified in accordance to the European Standard BS EN1276 and BS EN1650. The product formulation was assessed for Toxicological Safety for Use in Direct Food Contact Applications. Royal Hand Sanitiser has been specifically formulated as per the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) formulation guidelines. The Classification and Labelling is in accordance with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) in an effort to improve the health and safety in the use of our Hand Sanitiser.

We also offer a gel sanitiser range and our products ccome in sizes ranging from 250ml – 1000l

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