Adhesives for both spray and brush applications with good heat resistance have been developed to meet the stringent quality standards of the automotive and marine industries. Typical uses include:

  • Automotive trim
  • Door paneling
  • Rubber duck construction
  • Marine trim and finishes
  • Tarpaulin for truck taut liners




Main Component



Royal AT-1 Acrylic Clear Clear Glass/Bubble Free/Uneven Surfaces/Waterproof
Royal AT-2 Acrylic Foam Grey Appearance Sound and Shock Reduction/Waterproof
Royal AT-3 Solid Acrylic Translucent Automotive OEM Approved
Royal AT-5 Acrylic Foam Black Appearance Automotive Trim Application
MP 55300 Methacrylate (MMA) Two-Part Structural Bonding Adhesive Outstanding Bond Strength/Extremely Durable
MP 55420 Methyl Methacrylate Adhesive Two-Part Structural Bonding Adhesive Fast Assembly/Resistance to Thermal Cycling
CBA 109 Chloroprene General Purpose Contact General Purpose Brush Grade/High Initial Grab
CBA 220 Polychloroprene Rubber Medium Heat Resistance High Heat Resistance/Good Bond Strength
CBA 221SP Chloroprene Super Bond 311 Spray Higher Heat Resistance and Bond Strength/Shorter Open Time and Tack
RBA 491 Synthetic Rubber Based Foam to Foam Non-Flammable Solvent Based Adhesive for Rapid Bonding of Foam to Foam/Fabric Applications
PBA 887H Polyurethane Solvent-Based PU Cement High Solid/High Strength PU/Available in Black and Two-Part
PBA 881 Polyurethane Sprayable PU Adhesive Thinned Polyurethane Adhesive for Priming Porous Surfaces Prior to PU Adhesive Coating
PBA Socking Modified Polyurethane Cold Stick PU Used in One-Way-Stick and Two-Way-Stick Application
PBA 729 Modified Polyurethane 2K- Sprayable Polyurethane PVC Coated to Resinated Fibre Board
PBA 40 Polyurethane Moisture Curing Polyurethane Sprayable Laminating Adhesive/Strong Bonds
WBA 103 Polyurethane 2K-PU Dispersion Leather and Fabric Lamination/Water Based
Hardener 100 Isocyanates Cross-Linking Catalyst Increase Bond Strength/Heat and Water Resistance
Construction Adhesive Urethane Waterproof/High strength Bonds Virtually Anything/Exceptional Bond Strengths