High strength acrylic double-sided tapes give tough, weatherproof bonds to a wide variety of sign materials for long lasting assemblies for superior outdoor signage.

Powerful Methyl Methacrylate Adhesive structural adhesives provide ultimate bond strength for primer-less adhesion of GRP, most hard plastics, aluminium, steel, wood for best sign building.




Main Component



Fast Post Anchor Two-Part Polymer Post/Pole Backfill Extremely Convenient/No Concrete No Water Required
Royal AT-1 Acrylic Clear Clear Glass/Bubble free/Uneven surfaces/Waterproof
Royal AT-2 Acrylic Foam Grey Appearance Sound and Shock Reduction/Waterproof
Royal AT-3 Solid Acrylic Translucent Structural Grade/Waterproof
Royal AT-5 Acrylic Foam Black Appearance Withstands Thermal Movement/Waterproof
Chemical Anchor Two-Part Epoxy Anchoring Epoxy Fast setting/High Strength/4300kg/cm2 Loading
Construction Adhesive Urethane One-Part Waterproof Bonds Virtually Anything/Exceptional Bond Strengths
MP 55300 Methyl Methacrylate Adhesive Two-Part Structural Bonding Adhesive Outstanding Bond Strength/Extremely Durable
MP 55420 Methyl Methacrylate Adhesive Two-Part Structural Bonding Adhesive Fast Assembly/Resistance to Thermal Cycling
Doming Resin Two-Part Polyurethane Excellent UV Resistance Mercury Free/Flexible/Self levelling
Contact Adhesive Polychloroprene Rubber General Purpose Contact General Purpose Brush Grade/High Initial Grab
Wood Glue Ultimate Poly Vinyl Acetate General Purpose Wood Glue Stronger than Wood/Spreads Easily