We at Royal continue to provide unique bonding concepts and innovations to you; the tradesman, hobbyist and DIY enthusiast.

We make every effort to incorporate convenience whilst saving you valuable time and money, as well as providing various options and solutions for you to choose from.

Consumer Products



Main Component



Chemical Anchor Two Part Epoxy Anchoring Epoxy Fast Setting/4300kg/cm2 Loading
Construction Adhesive Urethane Waterproof/High Strength Exceptional Bond Strengths
Double Bubble Range Epoxy Job Size Various Substrates
Contact Adhesive Chloroprene General Purpose Contact General Purpose Viscous/High Initial Grab
Contact Adhesive Chloroprene Toluene Free/Low N-Hexane Content General Purpose Viscous/High Initial Grab
Cable Glue Nitrile Cable Attachment Favourite Choice for Security and Computer Wiring to Plastered Walls
Clear Contact Polyurethane Clear Household/Clear Contact Multi-Purpose
Polystyrene Adhesive Synthetic Rubber Based Expanded Polystyrene High Tack/Quick Drying/EPS safe
Wood Glue Cold Glue  Poly Vinyl Acetate General Purpose Wood Glue Stronger Than Wood/Ease of Spread
Wood Glue Fast Set Poly Vinyl Acetate Fast Set Cold Glue Short Clamp Times/Strong Bonds
Wood Glue Ultimate Poly Vinyl Acetate Water-Resistance Wood Glue D3 Spec Water Resistant Wood Glue