We manufacture a range of excellent water based cold glues for all wood joinery with bonds that are stronger than wood itself. Cabinetry, tenons, dowelling, work top laminating, postforming all carried out with superior results.

Special water resistant and fully waterproof grades available for outdoor furniture, decking and marine work.

Wood Working



Main Component



Wood Glue Cold Glue Poly Vinyl Acetate Starch General Purpose Low VOC’s/ High Strength
Wood Glue Quickset Poly Vinyl Acetate Fast Setting Shorter Clamp Time/Clear Drying
Wood Glue Ultimate Poly Vinyl Acetate Water Resistant Stronger than Wood/Spreads Easily
Construction Adhesive Urethane One-part Waterproof Bonds Virtually Anything/ Exceptional Bond Strengths
Fast Post Anchor Two-Part Polymer Wooden Pole Backfill Extremely convenient/ No Concrete/No Water Required
Contact Adhesive Polychloroprene Rubber General Purpose Contact General Purpose Brush Grade/High Initial Grab
Cleaning Thinners Solvent Blend Diluting and Cleaning Cleaning of Equipment & Machinery