We supply a range of highly recommended adhesives for various laminating applications including paper/pvc foils to particle boards, PUCF to lining materials, upholstery fabrics to backers, polyurethane foils to leather splits and garment grade fabrics to each other. Strong durable bonds are achieved for the toughest usages in the automotive, furniture, clothing, medical and footwear industries.






CBA 109 General Purpose Contact General Purpose Viscous/High Initial Grab
LBA 60% Natural Rubber Latex 60% Various Bonding Applications
RBA 480 Foam to Foam (non flammable) Rapid bonding of Foam to Foam/fabric Applications
RBA 750 (S) Foam to Foam (flammable) Sprayable Foam to Foam Adhesive
PBA 1101 “Part B” 2K Non-Flammable Polyurethane Adhesives Laminating Paper Foils to Wood using Barbaran Type Applicator
PBA 729 2K-Sprayable Polyurethane PVC Coated to Resinated Fibre Board
PBA 40 Moisture Curing Polyurethane Sprayable Laminating Adhesive
WBA 103 2K-Polyurethane Dispersion Leather and Fabric Lamination
Hardener 100 Cross-Linking Increase Bond Strength/Heat and Water Resistance
WBA 330 Difficult and Varnished Substrates Packaging and Box Labelling Industry Included
WBA 365 Laminating Fabric Roller Applied
WBA 370 High Viscosity Roller Applied Fabric Lamination
UBA 801 2K-Urethane Laminating Various Foils to Expanded Foam for Cold Rooms and Refrigerated Trailers