Innovating industrial adhesives and staying the course amidst hardship

Maintaining a good bond is something we strive towards. This is with regards to our products, clients and especially within our team. As the creator of products that serve both the industry and the consumer, developing products is core to our identity and purpose. We want to bring the best to the field of industrial adhesives. We do this through determination and our unique background. Our beginnings as a family business remind us of who we are and the importance of recognising lasting bonds.

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Our foundation builds our philosophy

We are privileged to have our family business expand over the years and share with you each exciting development. Crafting an industry such as ours gets built on shared knowledge and best practices. We aim to achieve both, by investigating and teaching how to utilise industrial adhesives correctly. Like the woodworking tips to understanding how temperature affects adhesion and more. And despite the challenges of national lockdowns, our company continues to adapt in trying situations.


Innovating during hardship

We are well aware of increasing costs in the industry, as well as the global factors impacting adhesive raw materials. With this in mind, we took a leap of faith and launched our very own liquid hand sanitiser and gel hand sanitiser. These locally produced products meet the need for local business and disinfectants at a vital time. We feel it is our duty to serve our nation during trying times and boost our chances of beating this pandemic.

industrial adhesives


Also, we are happy to announce that we are adding another product to our range of adhesives and solvents — our cornice adhesive. This acrylic sealant formulated product is flexible and fills gaps in door and window frames, skirting boards, and more. It is ideal for painters, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts wanting to achieve a professional finish. Also, it is easy to use and does not need sanding. We hope you have many happy projects beautifying and improving your home with this great product.


Filling the gaps, and you, in

In addition to announcing our products, we bring you exciting news about our Royal Adhesive Industries family. John-Mark Michell now heads our Johannesburg team after serving as Durban’s branch manager for many years. After relocating his family to Johannesburg, he now replaces Jacobus ‘Jackie’ Campher. We also welcome back Vivian Michell to our sales force, who brings with her years of sales experience, along with strong client management. Vivian was the front of the sales force in Western Cape region for Royal Adhesive Industries for many years, and we now have the opportunity to welcome her back to the Johannesburg team. With the full support of the entire Royal Adhesive Industries’ team, we are sure she will continue offering the support our clients have become accustomed to.


At our Durban branch, Carlo Marzoppi now oversees operations with Eric Marzoppi. This is a great achievement for Carlo, as he worked under Eric and John-Mark for many years.


Continuing to stick by your side

We strive to serve you and all your industrial adhesives needs for many projects and years to come. For information on how our products can help you, explore our industry, consumer and service offerings. If you have any queries about our services and how we can help you, contact us.