Flooring adhesive: Keep your feet firmly on the floor

flooring adhesive

What’s the first thing you notice when walking through the front door of a building? Is it the quirky decor? Perhaps it’s the illuminating lighting? We all love a little ambience. Or is it the vibrant fuschia feature wall that catches your eye? Whatever it is, it’s safe to assume you’ll be looking up and around, not down at your feet. Let’s face it – do any of us ever pay attention to the flooring? We didn’t think so. All day, every day, trudge, trudge, shuffle. Carpet, parquet, linoleum – all trampled underfoot without a moment’s thought. Not only does your surface have to endure heavy footwear, sharp stilettos and rugged boots tripping along, but the flooring adhesive has to bear the load as well.

Flooring surfaces and related adhesives go hand in hand. While no one gives a solid floor a second thought, everyone notices when the ground is unstable beneath their feet. It’s unlikely you’ll ever find someone laying tiles or a carpet without using a strong glue to hold everything in place. A durable floor is the foundation of your building – bearing the brunt of every visitor. The flooring in public buildings, in particular, endures heavy loads on a permanent basis. Thus, when it comes to flooring adhesive, quality is essential.    

Get a grip with a flexible flooring adhesive

Every day, public buildings with high volumes of foot traffic are subject to hordes of individuals bustling along. Think about an airport, for example. A sea of passengers, pilots, and flight attendants rushing up and down, dragging heavy luggage behind them, all day long. Likewise, hospital floors see their fair share of shuffling feet, along with the added compression of wheelchairs, trolleys and beds trundling down the corridors. And, let’s not forget shopping centres – nowhere gets as crowded as the local mall on a rainy afternoon.

flooring adhesive

Fancy footwork is not the only factor putting a strain on flooring materials. Heavy cleaning machinery, changes in temperature and even sunlight add to the wear and tear. The adhesive keeping your surface together has to withstand a vast range of external forces and elements. Choosing the right flooring adhesive is a big decision when laying your room’s most important feature.

Royal’s Flooring Adhesive

Here at Royal, we supply top quality adhesives for many industries, flooring included. Our flooring adhesive is a durable single component acrylic adhesive, designed for traditional and modern flooring needs. Not only is our product non-sag, but it exhibits excellent laying and bonding properties, suitable for a wide range of hard and soft flooring. Rapid tack development and high grab characteristics allow the use of Royal’s flooring adhesive on most backed needle punch carpets. It also offers trowel lines of adhesive ridges with soft glue lines to support strong bonds to flexible and semi-flexible vinyl sheeting without telegraphing.

Our flooring adhesive is available in 5 L and 20 L packs, which we supply directly to trade and carpet installers. Please get in touch if you would like to place an order. Not in the flooring industry? Don’t worry. We have a range of products on offer – take a look.