Introducing a Brand-New Look

Rebranding is a precarious business. While updating the look of the company can be beneficial, there’s always the risk customers won’t connect with the changes you decide to make. At Royal, we’ve been in the business since 1989 – that’s 28 years of top quality adhesive products and our original brand image.

quality adhesive products

When it comes to our quality adhesive products, we’ve been staying up-to-date, always striving to bring you new and exciting products. Our brand image, on the other hand, hasn’t seen much change over the years. We decided, risky as it may be, the time was ripe for a fresh new look. From our logo to website, even our packaging, we’ve revitalised the whole lot.

Our new logo

There’s no time like the present, and at Royal Adhesive Industries, we decided our logo was ready for a revamp. It was time to do away with the literal links representing our product and devise something modern and striking. With the help of Brand Candy’s design team, we have created a look that exudes excellence with subtle references to our products. We have kept our original colours, black and stone, and chose a textured, flowing font, designed to appear as if it were freshly squeezed from a tube of glue. The reference to the bonding quality of our products is artfully hinted by joins in the lettering. Our new logo is the epitome of distinction and perfectly represents the quality of our adhesives and services.

We have implemented our rebrand across our entire business platform, starting with a new logo and website. Royal Adhesive Industries is joining the consumer market and will be launching our new products in stores with our brand-new packaging. We are also updating our industry packaging to fall in line with the new Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), this system provides a harmonization of rules and regulations on chemicals at Regional, National & Global Level.  

Royal Adhesive Industries are positive the rebrand will prove to be a smashing success. We hope our new and existing clients love the new look as much as we do.